Be planet friendly and use this simple trick to help preserve our oceans!

Luckily, there are more and more ways to be planet friendly those days.
In today's test we gave a try to the Cora Ball - a magic ball capturing all plastic microfibers from your washing machine!

When trying to be more conscious in our clothing purchases, we tend of course to buy more natural fibers, buy less and better quality products but also products made out of recycled plastic.

If this may sound like a an a great idea to be more sustainable, there are still plastic particules being released in our waterways and ultimately, into our oceans.

To prevent this from happening, and be really eco-friendly, we have tested this 
Cora Ball. Put in your washing machine, it helps reduce the number of microfibers we shed when washing our clothes. Developed by Rachel Miller, a marine biologist that saw the damage that microfibers were causing to the sea living creatures, Cora Ball follows the same system as coral reefs. They filter the water without stopping the flow. 

And here we go! One more step towards a more sustainable future and a more responsible lifestyle.

The Cora Ball is available to purchase in the UAE on Goshopia.