Our Values

We believe in a conscious and durable fashion, with high quality products manufactured in an ethical way.

We believe that we can give back to the planet and contribute at our own scale, starting by buying better and more purposefully.

We believe that it is by the choices we make that we express our individuality.

Our Story

Good Chic has been founded in 2020 to provide an alternative shopping experience to a new generation of consumers genuinely concerned about environment impact of fashion, product quality and high standard of service.

Good: We only source sustainable brands that use biodegradable/recycled materials and are involved in initiatives to protect our environment, like planting trees or cleaning oceans.

Chic: We promote niche brands from all around the world with a timeless and casual chic feel.

ALL our brands share the same DNA: Sustainability

No, really. Think shoes made of recycled tennis balls, swimshorts made of coconut husks, T Shirts made of Recycled Polyester and more. All our products are either using organic or recycled/upcycled materials.

Niche brands you will not find anywhere else

Our brands from around the world release limited series and cannot be found in malls or other marketplaces in Middle East. So you won't have to worry about wearing the same shirt as your friend at a brunch :)

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Bold Chic

Vicomte A.


Brava Fabrics



Our Commitment

Premium Shopping Experience

Shopping can be time consuming. We make it simple for you.