The easy steps to prevent Burnout

The easy steps to prevent Burnout - Good Chic

Most of us suffer at some point in life from a feeling of Burnout. So what are key things we recommend to prevent it? 

See below some recommendations - of course pick those that work for you, we are all different and there are no rules there.

1) Have some fun!

It may sound silly but that is probably the most effective way to release dopamine and "feel good" vibes in your body. Go out! See your friends, make a joke and put a smile on someone's face. Connect with people and never forget to laugh! 

2) Practice a sport

Releasing bad energy and let off stress through the sport of your choice. No pressure here if you don't feel like it tonight and want to skip a session. Follow your own pace, listen to your body and don't forget rule number 1: pick a sport you enjoy so you can have fun!

3) Sleep & disconnect

We all need sleep to function, be in a good mood in the morning and get full of energy. Again, follow your body needs. Need 8 hours of sleep to feel good? 9? 10? Listen to your natural system and see the difference!

4) Change environment

Go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, go out for lunch. Just a 30 minute break in you routine can do a lot of good! Promise yourself never to sit still in front of that computer all day again.

5) Talk to someone

Call your mum, your best friend, your neighbor. Just disconnect and reconnect with an human being for a while. You'll feel alive again talking about other things than your heavy daily life. Bonus point: if that person makes you laugh :)