Time to Accessorize

Time to Accessorize - Good Chic

Let’s talk accessories.

So, you’ve assembled your ‘fit for the day—top half, bottom half, shoes. You’re done, right?

Wrong. But what could be missing, you ask? The answer is a simple one: details. 

If you happen to be wearing bottoms with belt loops, a belt is generally a must. Though it’s often seen as an understated accessory, the wrong belt can ruin your entire look. (Seriously.) Thus, you’ll want something that’s not just durable, but also spans across dress codes. One of our can’t-go-wrong picks, Miki – Brown Leather Belt, will lend a polished feel to any ensemble, from a t-shirt and jeans to your favorite three-piece suit. If you’re seeking something with a bit more texture, Faguo – Dark brown belt in leather is also a safe bet.

miki brown belt


faguo brown belt leather


We know that hats aren’t a staple accessory for every outfit—but they sure can elevate one. Moreover, just like socks, hats can be a statement piece—a conversation-starter, even. So, beyond serving to shade your face and keep your head cool, topping off with something like Vicomte A Harper Dark Navy Cap offers an unexpected element of flair.

vicomte a cap


Perhaps just as important as a belt is the right pair of socks. Yep, socks. And considering you wear them underneath just about every pair of shoes, why not have a little fun with it? What we love about socks is the amount of personality they can add to any outfit. Take our Set of 3X Socks – Sand and Kaki with Bird and Palm Trees, for example. The pairs with a palm tree pattern and toucan motif, specifically, might just be the touch of whimsy your look could use.


faguo socks with palms


Lastly, do you tend to travel or commute? We thought so!

So, you’re probably going to need to have a pretty cool bag on hand. Whether you travel domestically or internationally, you’ll need a stylish bag with ample space that’s still lightweight (and can fit in an overhead compartment). Enter Faguo Bag48 – Navy & tawny cotton travel bag.

faguo bag weekend


On the other hand, maybe you’re heading somewhere overnight and only need the bare-minimum basics. We think a roomy backpack, like Faguo Backpack Navy & tawny cotton will certainly suffice. Or perhaps you’re heading to the office, but you’re not a briefcase guy. We’ve got you. Or, rather, Faguo Laptop Bag in Black Canvas does.

faguo backpack blue

faguo laptop bag black

 Now, go on and give your garb that little something extra.