Embrace the Surf Lifestyle with Vissla

Embrace the Surf Lifestyle with Vissla - Good Chic

The Good Chic is proud to introduce Vissla brand to the Middle East!

Vissla represents creative freedom, a forward-thinking philosophy, and a generation of creators and innovators.

It embraces the modern do-it-yourself attitude within surf culture, performance surfing, and craftsmanship.


Focus on Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

In 2015, Vissla signed on to become a Surfrider Foundation Surf lndustry Coastal Defender. This coalition of like minded surf industry brands have joined forces to ensure our water is clean and beaches are healthy for generations to come.

This initiative is to relate to our partnership with Azraq, who act locally in UAE to protect our oceans and biodiversity.


Focus on Vissla Upcycled Coconut swimwear

Yes, you heard it right! Vissla upcycles Coconut waste and blends it with Repreve recycled polyester to generate the fabric of some of their cool swimshorts! The resulting fabric, Cocotex®, has the following advantages:

  • It will FLEX, twist and contort to meet your every move.
  • It will BREATHE. The activated carbon fabric is characterized by open pores. So instead of soaking up water, these boardshorts actually siphon and repel it. You’ll notice that they dry faster than a normal boardshort, and your legs will notice (and thank you for) the lack of rash.
  • It will FIGHT ODOR. Adsorption is when one material sticks to the surface of another. As a result of Cocotex® adsorptive properties, odor molecules are trapped within the carbon surface. So go ahead and count a quick surf as doing some laundry — these shorts won’t stink.
  • It will LAST. The refined coconut husk fabric is as durable as any conventional material on the market. So be sure to pick a pair you can grow old with, because you’ll be wearing them for quite some time.


Discover Vissla Collection here