What is a "Burnout"? Are you suffering from one?

What is a "Burnout"? Are you suffering from one? - Good Chic

In this hectic world we live in, its often that we feel overwhelmed, stressed and close to the so called "burnout".

Burnout is now officially a medical condition, according to the World Health Organization. Ever felt mentally worn out or emotionally exhausted from work? 
You might be getting into one. 

Here are 10 early signs of Burnout:

1. High levels of stress or anxiety. If you are feeling frequently on the edge and functioning on adrenaline.

2. Lack of engagement. You don’t feel motivated at work. You have difficulty focusing or have a short attention span.

3. Increased negativity. Feelings of resentment or disconnection. You may notice yourself being more cynical.

4. Bad eating habits. You eat your meals in front of a screen: computer, television or while on the go (in the car, walking etc.)

5. Not sleeping enough. The recommended minimum amount of sleep is seven to eight hours each night, if you’re getting less than this, you risk some level of burn out.

6. Low energy and exhaustion. You are tired and not just sleepy but emotionally fatigued. You feel exhausted by the end of the day, with no energy left to exercise or even engage with others, you just want to crash and watch TV.

7. There is not enough time. You feel as though you’re always in a hurry and never have enough time for all the things you need to do each day.

8. Physical illness. Initially, the physical symptoms can be subtle. You may experience headaches, a persistent cold, have a stomach bug or a weak immune system in general and catch anything.

9. No breaks. You have a tendency to push through your work without taking a break. It is perfectly normal and healthy to go on a walk, have a laugh or call a friend at least once every 120 minutes.

10. No social life. You don't even feel like going out for a drink or see some friends to have a nice light chat about life. 

If this sounds like you, no panic! There are many easy steps to get out of this inconfort and go back to a more balanced life. 

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