Make your own sustainable laundry detergent

Make your own sustainable laundry detergent - Good Chic

We all need to wash our clothes. Yet the laundry detergent we find in the supermarket is usually full of chemicals bad for our clothes, our skin and the environment as those products get released into the used water.

Here is an ecological and economical to make your own.


- 50g of "Savon de Marseille" solid soap
- 1L of water
- 2 spoons of baking soda
- 10 drops of lavender essential oil


Make shavings of your solid "savon de Marseille" soap
- Boil 1L of water
- Add the soap in the boiled water and stir until the soap has completely melted
- Add the spoons of baking soda
- Pour un your container - can be a reusable bottle 

You just have to use this liquid as your usual laundry detergent and enjoy a green and nice way to take care of your laundry.